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Today I completed a sale with Charlie Manade.  I just wanted to take a minute to compliment you and your company on his service.

He was very knowledgeable about the equipment and had the answers to the questions I had about them.

He had all the paperwork ready to go when I arrived and that made the transaction smooth and fast.

I think that he is a valuable resource to your company and plan on returning for future business.

Thank you,

Theron Scrogham, A-Team Lawn and Landscape
My Name is Adam Zink I own Zink Lawncare and we bought 2 52inch toro grandstands from you.  I just wanted to take time to thank you for selling us those great mowers.  We started mowing in April and we have already put 140hrs and 127hrs on our mowers.  The mowers have helped us do our job faster and safer than using just the zero turn mowers we have.  They really perform well on all of the hills we do, and leave the grass looking great.  With all of the rain we have had in the last couple of days the grandstands are the only mowers we can use, with their light weight they keep us mowing when other mowers can't.

You have earned my respect and future business.

Thanks for everything,

Adam Zink, Zink Lawncare
Too often in today’s hectic world we dolft take the time to recognize good customer service - partîy because ifs hard to find  partly because it takes extra effort to do what  am doing now in Writing this note.

I have been a customer of BV Tracïor since I moved to KC in 1992. Even though 1 have always been pleased with the service Pve received, nothing out of the ordinary has ever prompted me to write a note like this  until now. I won’t try to capture ail the circumstances leading up to this note but suffice it to say that since I sent my E-Mark in for regular maintenance in December there has been a series of events that could only be described as out ofthe ordinary.

Had it not been for your service manager J eff Reasoner and his persistence to solve each of the challenging problems that surfaced I might very well have sought another place to take my business (ofcourse I would  have sought answers from you before taking Such a step e but I nevel“ had to. Jeff was as professional as they come keeping a cool head, maintaining focus on the issues at hand, and sticking with a determination t0 solve each of them.

As a result of his efforts and, I assume, the support of' you and your man-agement team, I remain a satisŕîed customer and I  be sure to refer BV Tractor to my friends and relatives.

Stan Lewis
Thanks so much for your foìlow-up call yesterday t0 make sure we were happy with our purchase of the new EX-Mark LXS25KD605- To sum it up we are thrilled with our purchase! I was able t0 mow on Friday añemoon, and the new mower did a Wonderful job. Even better, my mowing time was out down by approximately an hour and when I gel reaiìy proficient with the zero turn, thafs going to give me a lot more time to ride my horses!

As I’ve mentioned before, Shawn, we sincerely appreciate your counsel, understanding and the time you spent with Mel and me while we worked through our selection process. I truly feel it was all worth it in the end to upgrade to the new mower in lieu ofthe demo. The 60 inch deck works much better for our property, and since we are rather “picky” in how we care for our equipment, we will have no one to blame (other than ourselves) if this mower acquires a few dents and scratches.

Since we were referred to Blue Valley by friends who had bought a new Eni-Mark mower from you last year, and our experience turned out so well, be assured that we won’t hesitate to also pass on a referral to any of our other friends or acquaintances looking for a new mower or any of the other equipment you carry.

Donna Thompson

Just a quick note to let you know that my recent experience with your company was excellent. Your show room staff  was friendly and knowledgeable, and the service department was excellent.Iwas particularly impressed with the young man who picked up and delivered my Gator.

It is reassuring to know that I can get my yard equipment maintained and operating.

Ramona Allenbrand